I’m so happy right now

I’m with my pal George he pulled a funny face

I’m with my pal George he pulled a funny face

if I was in a Frozen-style movie, it’d be called “Damp” and I’d just walk around in drizzle crying a bit

what’s really sad about this is that I can never watch shrek again

well I think I got like two hours sleep and I’m gonna suck it up and go to college and then go to bham to see George because I have these fucking train tickets anyway.

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not a lot will make you feel better at this moment, but I'm going to send this anyway. you're beautiful. really beautiful. you deserve to give yourself much more credit than you do. you're full of potential. I see stars and galaxies in your eyes. I see wonders in your smile. you deserve more than you see, and seemingly more than your boyf. you're wonderful and I hope you see this as a release and not something to hold you back.


oh wow wow thank you ahh this is such a wonderful message. I’m trying to be positive as far as possible but I’m also not going to hold the tears in

a surprise but also not a surprise?? I had a feeling it would happen. also a few nightmares about it. it’s for the best, I was just super anxious and upset but now I’m weirdly calm

so he broke up with me

me and cafrin are just snapchatting eachother videos of us playing runescape and i wish she was here i need a good cry on someone